Designation is the legal recognition, by the Government of Ontario, of an organization’s capacity to provide services in French. The Réseau du mieux-être francophone du Nord de l’Ontario provides advice to the Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs) on issues related to designation.

By designating a service provider, it signals to the Francophone population that:

  • It is possible to obtain services in French at a given location;
  • The organization in question is committed to providing services in French on a permanent basis.

For more information, visit the website of the Ontario Government.

New Criteria for Agency Designation

Old Version (1991)

New Version (2013)

Service in French must be permanent and of high quality. The agency must offer quality services in French on a permanent basis, which is ensured by employees with the requisite French language skills
Accessibility to services in French must be adequate. Access to services must be guaranteed and follow the principle of an active offer.
There must be effective representation of Francophones on the Agency’s board of directors and its committees. Provisions for effective representation of Francophones on the board of directors and its committees are included in the administrative by-laws and must reflect the proportion of the Francophone population within the community served.
There must be effective representation of Francophones at management levels. The senior management team must have an effective representation of Francophones.
There must be accountability of the Board of Directors and senior management for French-language services. The board of directors and the senior management team must be accountable with respect to the quality of French language services.

Evaluation of the designation

Every three years, designated organizations must be evaluated to ensure they meet the designation criteria. Le Réseau can support health care providers in this process. Contact your regional Planning and Community Engagement Officer.

Designation and Evaluation Form

Services for Designated Health Services Provider

An identified or a designated health service provider has access to translation services for Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) funded programs and a French Language Training Reimbursement Program for front line employees interested in improving their French language skills.

Designated Health Services Providers

Here is the list of Designated Health Services Providers in Northern Ontario.