Community Engagement


Carrefours santé

The role of the Réseau du mieux-être francophone du Nord de l’Ontario (Réseau) is to ensure that Francophones in Northern Ontario have access to a set of quality French health programs and services that meet their needs.

To enable Francophones in Northern Ontario to take charge of their health, the Réseau developed the approach of the Carrefour santé (Health Hubs). The Carrefours santé consist of a group of people in a community who come together to identify the needs of their community and find solutions.

There are currently 17 Carrefours santé in the Northeast and the Northwest. It is also important to note that some communities have chosen to use existing tables or groups as a means of engaging with Francophones.

Mandate of the Carrefours santé (available in French only)

Rapport des discussions du premier Forum des Carrefours santé et Tables santé (in French only) – 2016

Rapport Sommaire : Évaluation des Carrefours santé (in French only) – 2015

Engagement des communautés francophones : les Carrefours santé comme moteurs de participation (in French Only) – 2012



For more information about the meetings, please contact your regional Officer.

Algoma Region – Officer: Janik Guy

Carrefour santé de Dubreuilville  (available in French only)

Table santé de Sault-Ste-Marie (available in French only)

Cochrane Region – Officer: Sylvie Sylvestre

Carrefour santé de Chapleau-Foleyet-Sultan (available in French only)

Carrefour santé de Cochrane (available in French only)

Carrefour santé de Kapuskasing (available in French only)

Carrefour santé de Smooth Rock Falls (available in French only)

Carrefour santé de Timmins (available in French only)

Nipissing/Temiskaming Region – Officer: Fanny Roy

Carrefour santé de Kirkland Lake et région (available in French only)

Carrefour santé de Nipissing (available in French only)

North West Region – Officer: Chantal Chartrand

Carrefour santé de Dryden (available in French only)

Carrefour santé de Greenstone (available in French only)

Carrefour santé d’Ignace (available in French only)

Carrefour santé de Thunder Bay (available in French only)

Sudbury Region – Officer: Frédérique Dallaire-Blais

Table santé de Sudbury (available in French only)