Active Offer of French Language Health Services Online Interactive Training Course

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As a health care provider, you want to ensure the safety and quality of care of patients and clients. An interactive online training on active offer of French language health services is now available free of charge for every person who works or studies in the field of health care in Ontario. The 5-hour training course is available in English and French.

The training goals are:

  • Raise awareness of the importance of the active offer of French-language health services with individuals and students in health care.
  • Promote the important role individuals can play in ensuring ongoing improvement of the active offer of French-language health services.
  • Ensure the safety and quality of care for patients and clients.

For Who : Geared towards people who study or work in health care in Ontario

Cost : Free

Language : English and French

Duration of the training : 5 hours

Visit : or for more information or to complete the training.

Training course promotional poster in French

Training course promotional poster in English

We will be providing an overview of the training through two webinars as part of the Winter / Spring 2018 program of Société Santé en français:

11 avril – Survol de la formation interactive en ligne – L’offre active des services de santé en français : pourquoi et comment la mettre en pratique, par Sylvie Sylvestre, agente de planification et d’engagement communautaire, RMEFNO

April 18 – Overview of the interactive online training course – The Active Offer of French Language Health Services : Why it Matters and How to Put It Into Practice, by Sylvie Sylvestre, Community Engagement and Planning Officer, RMEFNO

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